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Edmund Dantés Hamilton

aka "Danté"

About NollywoodGuide.us

I discovered Nollywood Movies in 2021 and quickly developed a love affair with the romance genre. Unfortunately, there were not many titles available on my Roku TV channels I watched, so I had to discover another source of content.

I found it in YouTube. However, with the constant commercials and ads, I was forced to upgrade to YT Premium and avoid these distractions. Only to find out that there indeed was another major problem for me: Thumbnail Clickbait.

Thumbnail Clickbait

What exactly is thumbnail clickbait? I describe it as seeing a YT video thumbnail with say Ray Emodi and Tana Adalena photoshopped in a scene and then clicking to watch this movie only to discover both the title of the video was bogus, and neither Ray Emodie nor Tana Adalena even appear in the movie.

Why NollywoodGuide.us?

The problem this website will solve, not only for me but for others, is to:

  1. Present a Nollywood Romance Video Gallery that is a searchable database
  2. Accurately display the Movie Title of the video
  3. List the actual Actors and Actresses who appear in the movie
  4. Allow others to submit their favorite Nollywood Love and Romance movies via an online form
  5. Provide a forum of discussion and build an online community about Nollywood Movies
  6. Take selected content from online and publish in a printed periodical (magazine, newspaper or directory) format and make this available though an online shop here on NollywoodGuide.us